2019-2020 Season Passes

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Powder Ridge Season Passes

2019-2020 Season Pass Pricing Is Here!

New This Season – All Season Passholders will receive weekly discounts on lift tickets, food, ski shop items, tubing and so much more!

Adult Season Pass

For individuals 13 years of age or older.
Full rates begin November 1st – $460

Seasonal rentals and lockers available for additional cost.


*Tax not included

Child Season Pass

For children 6-12 years of age
Full rates begin November 1st – $305

Seasonal rentals and lockers available for additional cost.


*Tax not included

Senior Season Pass

For individuals 65-70 years of age.
Full rates begin November 1st – $305

Seasonal rentals and lockers available for additional cost.


*Tax not included

Super Senior Season Pass

For individuals 70 years of age or older.
Full rates begin November 1st – $75

Seasonal rentals and lockers available for additional cost.


*Tax not included

Family Season Pass

The family pass includes three immediate family members
Full rates begin November 1st – $975
Additional family members are $150

Seasonal rentals and lockers available for additional cost.


*Tax not included

College Season Pass

For individuals currently enrolled in college courses. Must have graduated from High School to qualify for the College Season Pass. Proof of class enrollment required.
Full rates begin November 1st – $200


*Tax not included

5 and Under Season Pass

For children ages 5 and under.
Please note, children 5 years of age or younger receive free lift tickets at Powder Ridge.  This is only for those children who want a season pass card, with their picture on it, but it is not required.  The payment is simply the printing and processing fee. 


*Tax not included

Add ons

Seasonal Rental Equipment


*Tax not included

Equipment (including: skis or snowboard, bindings & boots) are set aside for only you to use. Pick up equipment at designated location in the rental department. No more waiting in line like the general public!

Seasonal Rental Perks:

– Only fill out rental form one time

– You get to keep your rental boots all season, no more waiting in the boot line.

– We store your ski/snowboard equipment, don’t have to haul it back and forth.

– You are able to switch between skiing and snowboarding at no additional cost.

– With a signed agreement, you may take your equipment to other areas for ski trips and then return them to Powder Ridge.



**Seasonal equipment rentals cannot be shared and must be purchased for each individual needing rentals**

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Please note: Powder Ridge only makes season pass refunds for the following circumstances: injury or illness with doctor’s order to not ski or snowboard for a significant amount of the remaining season, moving away from the area and non use and no use expected (this must be determined and brought to management’s attention by January 1st). Refund requests must be made within 14 days of the medical incident. All refunds are made in the form of Powder Ridge gift cards.

Refund calculation: Refund processing fee: $25 plus (+) the ticket face value of each ticket the season pass holder received up until the date of the refund.

These amounts will be combined and subtracted from the amount paid. In the case of a family pass member, the lowest priced pass will be the amount that the fees will be subtracted from.

No refunds are given for passes that were underutilized regardless of the length of the season.

We hope that when you purchase a Powder Ridge season pass you will use it many times and enjoy the flexibility of enjoying the runs whenever and for as long as you wish.

Following are the rules and regulations pertaining to the use and care of your Powder Ridge Season Lift Ticket Pass.

  • * It is expected that you will care for your season lift ticket pass as you would any important purchase as it is your ticket to a winter full of fun-filled enjoyment.
  • * Passes are NOT to be worn on the hills. All season pass holders will present their pass at the front desk where it will be scanned and a lift ticket issued each time. Passes, once scanned at the desk, should be kept in a safe place such as billfold, zippered pocket, etc.
  • * Passes are NOT transferable. They are only good for those to whom they have been issued.
  • * Anyone fraudulently using their season pass or issued ticket will forfeit their season pass with no refund.
  • * Lost season passes may be replaced for a fee of $20.00. This can be taken care of at the front desk. A new photo pass with a new number will be issued.
  • * If a season pass holder forgets his/her season pass, this can be recorded at the front desk and a lift ticket issued the person for the day, not to exceed three (3) times within the season. In excess of three times, the holder will need to purchase a lift ticket for that day or a replacement pass.

IMPORTANT! You as a season pass holder are an ambassador for Powder Ridge. You accept a certain amount of responsibility when you become a member of our area. You represent us and our business on the hills and we expect certain things from you. Among these things are that you conduct yourself and your speech in a respectable manor. This means absolutely no swearing or use of foul language either on the hills or in the chalet. This is a family area and we will not tolerate bad language on the premises. You will also be expected to respect the property of others including that of fellow pass holders and customers as well as that belonging to Powder Ridge. Not abiding by our expectations may be cause for us to revoke your season pass at our discretion.