4th Grade Passport

4th Graders Ski Free in Minnesota
With a 4th Grade Passport

The Minnesota Ski Areas Association (MSA) wants to give Minnesota kids a chance to get out, have fun and get healthy this Winter by hitting the Minnesota Slopes! MSA has created a statewide program that provides every
4th grader the opportunity to ski for free.

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Powder Ridge allows up to 4 visits with your 4th Grade Passport.
(rentals not included)


4th Grade Passport Details

(must be purchased on MSA website, and can not be purchased at Powder Ridge)


Why only 4th graders?

Fourth grade is the perfect age to learn to ski and snowboard.  This program is tailored for the new and beginner skier and
snowboarder.  They have the coordination skills and muscle development to be able to pick up on the skills as well as adhering and following safety information. One age had to be chosen and 4th grade was the decision.
We are excited that we are able to offer this program to all 4th graders.


How will I know what the restrictions are at each area?
You will need to reach out to your local area to find out what restrictions, if any they have.
Powder Ridge allows up to 4 visits with the 4th Grade Passport.  Please note, rentals are not included and there
are no blackout dates.


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